The Last Dog Standing was held At Glen Helen Raceway this weekend and once again it was Monster Energy’s Taylor Robert who was still upright at the end. This was the third running of the event and the second time that Robert has won; it was also the toughest course so far. The event consists of four stages that get more and more difficult until only elite riders remain. This year, out of 100 starters, there were only eight riders who made it to the final round. Taylor wasn’t the top qualifier; far from it. He won the initial heat race, but got lost in the next round and rode much of the course twice. He still  finished 17th, but far behind winner Jacob Argubright. There were problems with course markings, so the results were invalidated. Riders only had to finish with an hour of the leader to qualify for the next round. That meant there were 64 riders still running.
      Even in that race, Robert was denied the win. Husqvarna’s Cory Graffunder was first with Robert in hot pursuit. Colton Haaker was third, ahead of Ryan Sandoval, Justin Jones, Max Gerston, David Broderick and Justin Morgan. Those there the only riders who finished within 25 minutes of the leader, so they were the line-up for the final race.  RPM Racing’s Ty Tremaine had the honor of finishing just outside the cut-off. There were 22 official finishers, including the likes of Paul Krause and Johnny Campbell. Argubright wasn’t among them, having fallen victim to a massive water hole.
      The final race was the most difficult of all, and riders were expected to do the loop twice. Robert had a six-minute lead at the end of loop one, and that only grew. Broderick, Haaker and Jones dropped out of the race in that order, leaving only five finishers: Robert, Graffunder, Sandoval, Gerston and Morgan. For full results, go to
1 Taylor Robert (Kaw)
2 Justin Jones (KTM)
3 Jacob Argubright (TM)
4 Cory Graffunder (Hus)
5 Ryan Sandoval (KTM)
1 Cory Graffunder (Hus)
2 Taylor Robert (Kaw)
3 Colton Haaker (Hon)
4 Ryan Sandoval (KTM)
5 Justin Jones (KTM)
6 Max Gerston (Beta)
7 David Broderick (Kaw)
8 Justin Morgan (KTM)
9 Ty Tremaine (KTM)
10 Michael Allen (Yam)
1 Taylor Robert (Kaw)
2 Cory Graffunder (Hus)
3 Ryan Sandoval (KTM)
4 Max Gerston (Beta)
5 Justin Morgan (KTM)
Ryan Sandoval on the bridge of doom.
Jacob Argubright won LDS won, but it didn’t count for much beside bragging rights.
Justin Jones struggles to stay ahead of Colton Haaker.
David Broderick made it all the way to the final event.
Max Gertson and his Beta 300

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