After a Prologue race to set the field, Taylor Robert leads the second stage through the infamous tire bridge. None of the racers like this.

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Kyle Redmond tries to hang with Taylor in the LDS2 stage.


The carnage at the tire wall was abundant. When some of the top racers in the U.S. have issues with the obstacle, normal humans flat suffer.
Team SRT’s Trystan Hart handles the rock crawler section. He carded a strong second in the LDS2 heat.


Redmond struggled with a rear brake problem in LDS2 finishing in third. He had a good get off on one of the elevator shaft downhills.


Taylor Robert walked to a fairly easy win in the LDS2 heat. Here’s the teeter totter obstacle.


Trystan Hart rode to a second in the second stage, putting him in a good place to go for the overall.


There were several tough hillclimbs that greeted the riders. Baked terrain made for little traction and it took lots of effort to get over the top.


The LDS Final, the brute stage of the day had Taylor Robert leading early. This climb started his undoing.


Taylor hit it hard, got bucked and…


And then he spent some time talking to mother earth.


Trystan Hart waits patiently for Taylor to get out of the only useable line up the near vertical hill.


Hart, dancing for traction clears the hill.


Most of the tough climbs had club members up top equipped with ropes and grab hooks to help riders when the carnage got too deep. This racer is doing it on his own.


TR had the lead heading into the tire wall. This element of the stage thoroughly deflated the factory KTM racers chance of winning.
Taylor sets his KTM free while Trystan Hart plods his way up the tire rack.
Taylor bike starts its trip back to the bottom of the pile.
At this point the top three are gassed, Taylor’s effort level to conquer the tires has zapped his reserves.


Trystan is still on the wall. Kyle Redmond has inched closer and Taylor restarts up the maniacal wall.


GasGas’s Noah Kepple attacks the Rock Crawler zone.


SRT’s (and Dirt Bike’s!) Redmond charges into the tire wall on the last lap. He had a good lead at this point.


Hart comes into the final lap in second with a decent lead on Taylor Robert.


Taylor hits the mud hole for the final lap in third place.


The top three, third place Taylor Robert (left), Trystan Hart second (middle) and the winner, Kyle Redmond chew the fat after the final.
Kyle and his girlfriend Taylor enjoy the big win at the tough Last Dog Standing event.




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