Who is America’s all-time greatest off-road rider? You can toss around names all day. You could make a case for Malcolm Smith, or Scott Summers or Ty Davis–but it’s hard for any of them to compete with Larry Roeseler for that title. In his long career, L.R. really has done it all.
Almost all of his wins have a number in front of them; i.e. 10 Baja 1000s, 9 Baja 500s, 10 ISDE Gold Medals, 7 Virginia City GPs and so on.

‘I spent the second half of my career on Kawasaki,’ says LR. ‘I saw it as sort of a second chance at the time, but it turned out one of the greatest opportunites of my life. I got to do so many different kinds of racing all over the country. Instead of concentrating on one series or one particular championship, I traveled around and did the really big, high-profile races.’

‘One of the highlights had to be the 1989 ISDE in Germany. That year Team Green built me a full-size 80–a KX80 in a KX125 chassis. We figured it would give the U.S. team a better chance to win overall, and it was soo much fun. I won a gold medal, although the team had several other setbacks that year.”

‘Another race I’ll never forget was the 1994 Baja 1000. That year I was teamed up wtih Danny Hamel and Ty Davis. What a team.’ Today, L.R. rides the occasional race on a Kawasaki, but he also race a Toyota Truck. In the Nevada 2000, he was teamed with Ivan Stewart, as he will be for the Baja 2000. ‘I love bikes, but I need to admit, racing trucks is a blast.’ That’s okay, Larry. We’ll forgive you.


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