Shiloh and his crew, also known as his wife Jill, have just taken over the day-to-day operations of Lainer Suspension USA, and they have big plans. Here are three hot products they have for the second half of 2022.

WP AER 35 FORK KIT: This kit is designed and manufactured by Lainer Suspension to covert the stock WP AER 35 fork to perform in the same manner as a closed-cartridge system. Converting the base-valve assembly and installing a piston with shims allows the tuner/installer a wide range of settings through valving, which cannot be obtained on the stock fork. This allows for a discrete installation and specific tuning profiles depending on the rider ability and speed. The kit also includes the negative spring to make the first part of the travel more comfortable and the hydro-stop to dampen the end stroke of the fork.
Price: $360

COMPRESSION ADJUSTER KIT: Designed to increase the tuning ability of the OEM WP components, the Lainer kit provides eight more high-speed compression turns and a total of 47 low-speed compression clicks. Manufactured in Italy, each kit includes a 20mm aluminum piston, 18mm-diameter shims and an anodized-blue finish. Applications available for a variety of KTM, Husqvarna, Beta, Honda, Kawasaki, TM and Yamaha models.
Price: $189

If you are looking for a complete A-kit-style race shock, Lainer has applications for Honda, KTM, Beta, GasGas, Husqvarna and Kawasaki. Featuring a hard-anodized aluminum body, high-nitrogen-volume bladder system, 18mm shaft with DLC coating, 50mm aluminum piston with low-friction band, aluminum lock ring, and 50 clicks of rebound adjustment, 50 clicks of high-speed compression adjustment and 45 clicks of low-speed compression adjustment. Manufactured in Italy by Lainer Suspension.
Price: $2160

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