Michael in the simulator prior to his aerial escapades.

Editor’s note: Tom Webb is up in Michigan’s UP for a ride with Alan Randt, Gary Hazel, Dick Burleson (who’s the dedicated driver since he’s still recuperating from ankle surgery) and KTM’s Michael Lafferty. Mike, earlier that day had an experience of a lifetime, getting to fly in an Air Force jet. Michael called up Shan Moore to document the trip and Shan sent it to us.

Michael Lafferty had the unique opportunity of flying in an Air Force T38-C Talon this week and I was there to document the experience. Michael was approached by Lt. Col. Jim Robinson at the Denver Endurocross two years ago and he was was offered the chance to fly in an Air Force jet. This week they were finally able to get together at Sheppard AFB to do it. Robinson competes in off-road events in the Texas area, which is why he chose Lafferty for the Air Force’s new ‘Public Relations’ program where they take high-profile athletes up for a flight. I have a ton of great photos including Mike being fitted for his survival suit, flying a simulator, and shots of them with the Talon.

Shan Moore

Getting ready to have his guts pummeled in the T38

Mike said that the Pressure Suit was a shade uncomfortable.

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