Mike was mounted on his KTM 400 EXC which was the same model KTM motorcycle he had selected to compete on during the entire 2005 series.

The 8th round of the series started off on the damp side as rains the previous day provided loose muddy conditions at the start. However, as the day unfolded the track set up perfectly with visibility ideal and near perfect traction for most of the day.

Mike started the day strong as he faced eight challenging test sections ranging from six to ten miles each. Like a true champion, Lafferty wouldn?t settle for anything less than the overall even though all he needed to secure the championship was fifteenth place or better. It was in the fifth, sixth and ninth sections that the race was won as Mike gained a point on each of his competitors.

After the event Lafferty said, ‘This is fantastic. The season started out a little slower than usual for me as I didn’t pull down my first win until the third round. Then I broke my collar bone and with only four weeks for it to heal, I wasn’t sure where I was going to end up. This championship means alot to me as I’m climbing the ladder to one of the sport’s greatest achievements ever; the all time record of Eight National Enduro Championships held by Dick Burleson. After I won my first title, that record seemed so far away, but now it is within reach. I’ve had a lot of great support along the way, especially from Alan and Melissa Randt, and the whole KTM Off-Road Racing crew. Thank you everyone!”

This was Mike?s sixth overall win of the nine round series. It also marks KTM?s 9th AMA National Enduro title in the U.S. Kevin Hines won KTM’s first title back in 1987 followed by Jeff Russell in the early 90’s

Guysville, OH, Results


Place     Rider               Brand            Points

1.   M. Lafferty            KTM            16

2    J. Barber             GG            19

3.   S. Hatch              KAW            20

4.   J. Anderson            KAW            20

5.   B. Rusell             KTM            20

6.   S. Edmonson            KTM            21

7.   D. Lykke              KTM            22

8.   M. Hyde               KTM             23

9.   R. Lafferty            KTM            25

10. R. Hawkins            YAM            26


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