With Covid-19 restrictions starting to loosen up that means the local MX tracks in SoCal are able to start letting people in the gates to ride their dirt bikes. This definitely makes us smile. LACR is one such track that will reopen to the public this weekend . Naturally there are some restriction and guidelines to be followed. Below is everything you need to know straight from the crew at LACR:

Thank you LACR MX Family
We appreciate all your understanding and the support you have given us throughout this time. We were happy to see that a lot of our riders were able to jump in on the rentals that we continue to have during this time.

As a whole the motocross community has band together to continue being apart of the solution by social distancing. The tracks across Southern California and our workers have all come together to get you guys your weekends of release back.
We were busy during the down time and we came up with some awesome changes on our Vet track and our mini track. Both changed and freshened up!! We welcome you guys to come out and ride practice on Saturday May 9th. We also will be going to our summer time schedule of 8-1. We will not be open Sunday for Mother’s Day. We ask that our riders continue to practice social distancing while joining in on the fun. As always, the safety of our riders and workers is our top priority.

Here are the RULES that ALL MUST follow to be able to come out and ride:

1. NO Spectators will be allowed in, except for only ONE parent in the vehicle with the MINOR RIDERS.
2. For your safety please bring your own pen to sign in.
2. Stay in your own bubble and Park 10 feet apart. No group parking.
3. Masks and gloves encouraged when not wearing your helmets.
4. If you or anyone you have been around has been sick, we ask thatyou please stay home to rest.
5. We know it’s flu season, but if you are sneezing or coughing, we ask you not to attend practice this weekend.
6. Attending practice is at your ownrisk.

Remember stay safe out there, keep doing your part to reduce the risk of spreading this virus.

Thank you guys, stay safe and healthy, and be on the look out for further updates!

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