Dear Mr. Know-It-All,

I have a 2020 KTM 250XC-W TPI, and while I adore this weapon, it’s making a noise when I hit the starter button that is, frankly, quite alarming. I have replaced the clutch pack and the Bendix with no effect. Could it be the starter? I hope you can help.

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Alarming starter-system noises are quite common in the 2008–2016 models, but fairly rare with the new starter-system design implemented in the 2017-and-newer models. The clutch pack that you replaced has nothing to do with the starter system, hence no improvement from that change. The starter motors usually don’t make noise unless the bearings fail. You can check the bearings by removing the Bendix and spinning the starter motor by hand. If the bearings feel rough, it’s time for a new motor. Just an FYI: the motors do not spin freely. The internal magnets give it a notchy feel. The most likely culprits are the Bendix and starter-motor support bushings in the cases. Give them a visual inspection. If the Teflon coating is worn, replace them. Happy trails, and thanks to Slavens Racing for the required info to answer this query accurately.

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