Specification of the Six Days models (upgrades from the standard XC-W specs)

  • 4CS Closed Cartridge Fork by WP Suspension
    • Easy to adjust for optimum compression and rebound damping properties. Great protection against bottoming.
  • Machined Orange Anodized Triple Clamps
    • Extremely precise fork clamping for optimum fork sliding behavior along with the factory racing look
  • Exclusive Black Anodized Handlebar with Six Days Logo
    • Improved appearance
  • Supersprox 2-Piece Rear Sprocket
    • Steel outer ring and aluminum inner section provide excellent durability and lightweight performance
  • Floating Front Brake Disc and Guard
    • Excellent performance and protection
  • Solid Rear Brake Disc
    • Excellent performance in muddy conditions
  • Wave Factory Racing Seat
    • Improved long distance comfort and reduces slipping
  • Engine Skid Plate
    • Effective protection of the frame and engine
  • Radiator Guard
    • Effective radiator protection
  • 4-Stroke Radiator Fan
    • Improves temperature control in extreme conditions
  • 2-Stroke Caron Exhaust Protection
    • Effective protection for the resonance chamber
  • Exclusive Exhaust Silencer with Six Days Logo
    • Six Days exhaust silencer in charcoal grey with anthracite anodizing of the six days logo
  • Wheels Featuring High Quality Black Anodized Rims with the Six Days logo
    • Excellent durability with exclusive styling
  • Front Axle Puller
    • Easier front axle disassembly
  • Orange Radiator Protector
    • Factory Race Styling
  • Orange Chain Guide
    • Factory Race Styling
  • Brake Pedal Wire
    • Reduces the chance of pedal damage in racing conditions
  • Fuel Filter for the 4-Stroke Fuel Cap
    • Provides additional filtering for the fuel
  • Exclusive Six Days graphics
    • Fitted with the Exclusive Argentina derived design


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