KTM and McGrath Racing Now Look To The Future

KTM and McGrath Racing Now Look To The Future


On January 2nd, 2003 Jeremy McGrath made the official announcement that he would retire from full time Supercross racing.

‘KTM Sportmotorcycle fully supports Jeremy McGrath?s recent decision to retire from the sport of Supercross. While we are certain it was very difficult for Jeremy to cross this bridge, KTM respects him for recognizing the level of commitment it takes to remain at top of the sport. We are confident that he has made the most appropriate decision for himself, his family and his sponsors.

Like fans everywhere, we are sad to see the McGrath ‘on track’ era come to an end. However, KTM also sees this as the beginning of an exciting new chapter in the McGrath legacy. KTM looks forward to working with Jeremy and McGrath Racing in the years ahead as the next phase of Jeremy?s involvement in the sport unfolds. As a team owner, mentor and spokesperson, Jeremy ?s impact on the sport will continue to be felt. In this capacity KTM intends to remain on board as the motorcycle partner with Jeremy and McGrath Racing. This new aspect of the McGrath/KTM relationship is already in development.

In the meantime, all of us at KTM wish to congratulate Jeremy on a truly outstanding career. Our entire sport and industry is grateful for the contribution he has made not only as its most prolific champion but as a superb role model and ambassador for our sport as well. Simply put, Supercross would not be what it is today if not for Jeremy McGrath. We wish him well.’


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