Any doubts dirt bike enthusiasts had as to the power of the new KTM 350SX-F have been put to rest with Mike Alessi’s performance on the machine. He has won motos and earned holeshots against 450s and now, after spending a day aboard the new 350, we can say we love it. We spent Monday at Pala Raceway riding all of KTM’s new SX models, including the much-anticipated 350. It turned into a constant game of rock, paper scissors between Tom and Boothy as to who was going to ride it next. The bike is downright fun, feels much lighter than a 450 and puts out great power, all the way to the 13,000 rpm rev limiter. The plan is to get the bike in our possession by the end of the week and do a lot of testing at every track we can get to, and we are also going to hit some of our favorite off-road spots. Here are some photos of Boothy shot by the infamous Tom Webb at Pala, and we will keep you updated as we put as many hours on the new machine as possible.

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