THE KTM200 IS BACK FOR 2020! Well sort of. This week in Two-Stroke Tuesday we give you the exclusive first look at what a 2020 KTM200 XC-W could be. This project was the brain child of Seat Concepts owner Lendon Smith and will be his personal trail machine providing we actually give it back to him. This week in “2-Stroke History” editor Ron Lawson takes a look back at the 1995 Pro Circuit, SplitFire Kawasaki KX125 race machine and in “2-Stroke Behind The Build” it’s all about our Wrench Motorsports Yamaha YZ300 project.

Why did KTM stop making the 200? We have no idea but this project from Seat Concepts would be a very popular model if it was mass produced. This machine started life as a 125SX model, the frame was highly modified making room for a brand new 200cc power plant equipped with an electric start. Lendon Smith wanted to keep the styling stock but as you can see there are some upgrades in key areas.

Larger IMS Core pegs and an oversized IMS fuel tank were a must of this off-road project.

The stock seat was naturally replace with a complete Seat Concepts model that included a ribbed gripper cover.

Internally the engine remained stock but a Trail Tech radiator fan kit, Lectron carburetor and some custom fitted silicone radiator hoses were added.

An FMF Q-Stealth silencer was teamed with an FMF Gnarly pipe for a little more performance.


Like we said before this machine started life as a 125SX model so adding a Pro Moto Billet bolt-on kick stand was a no brainer for this trail project.

Electric start on the trail is almost a necessity nowadays and Lendon made sure that the brand new KTM200 complete engine he got from Solid Performance was equipped with one.

Using OEM KTM parts and some very targeted aftermarket bolt-on parts from companies like IMS Products, FMF, Pro Moto Billet, TM Designworks, Lectron and T-Racing Suspension the crew at Seat Concepts made a modern day 200 XC-W . Stay tuned for more on this build.


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