KoveMoto U.S.A. just announced an all-new motocross bike for 2024. The Kove MX250 is a DOHC, fuel-injected 250 four-stroke. The frame and chassis are made in Asia but designed in the U.S. The bike’s weight is said to be 237 pounds without fuel and the peak horsepower output is 37.5 hp. Both of those numbers are very similar to those of the Suzuki RM-Z250. Target price for the 250 is $6000. The first models should be arriving before the end of the year.

Kove already captured worldwide attention for its participation in the Dakar Rally, which they finished last January. The first models of the 450 Rally and 450 Rally Pro have already arrived in the U.S. The respective prices are $8999 and $13,999, respectively. More information can be had at kovemotousa.com.

2024 Kove Rally Pro


The Kove MX250 isn’t a direct copy of any existing motocross bike but shows some influence from KTM and Suzuki.

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