Knighter wins GNCC Rnd 7•and also finishes second

Knighter wins GNCC Rnd 7?and also finishes second

Reigning Enduro 3 world champion David Knight took part in two different events in two different continents this passed weekend when he travelled from his home in the Isle of Man to Austria where he placed a close second in the Twin-cylinder class at the world famous Erzberg Rodeo before jumping on a plane back to the UK and then on to the States where he won round seven of the US GNCC series to move back to the top of the series? standings.

Starting the Twin-cylinder race at Erzberg as defending class champion having won first time out last year, Knighter came painstakingly close to making it two wins from two starts as he recorded the fastest time on the first of two runs up the ?iron mountain?. Having finished eight seconds ahead of his nearest competitor on his first run things started well for Knighter on his second assault of the 100 per cent up hill course but a mistake as he neared the end of the 13.5 kilometre track saw him drift wide while exiting a corner and coming off the track and into a rocky rain gully. Losing valuable seconds getting back on to the track Knight recorded a time of nine minutes and six seconds – two seconds faster than his first run but four seconds slower than that of Finland?s Simo Kirssi. In doing so Knight finished as runner-up before heading directly for the airport.

Arriving in the US ready to make up for the disappointing fourth place result he scored at round six of the GNCC series, Knight claimed his third win of the ?07 GNCC series after a relatively straight forward race at The Spartan GNCC. Starting well Knight hit the front after one lap but then found himself back in fourth after falling when he hit a rock in a single track section of the course. Opting to follow his competitors for some time in order to work out where he was faster David then made his move, moved back into the lead, and opened up a 40 second advantage at the flag.

Following his third US GNCC race win this season David returns to the top of the US GNCC championship standings on 149 points, one point ahead of Charlie Mullins

David Knight – Erzberg: ‘It was a bit of an eye opener getting on the Super Enduro bike again and then racing straight away with next to no time to get used to the bike. I just tried to be as smooth as I could because the course was really slippery ? if you slide coming into a corner it was really difficult to scrub off speed and turn. I found it harder to remember the track this year compared to last year. I made a few mistakes on my first run, but I think most riders would have done the same, but it went pretty well.

‘The second run went well really. I felt I was riding pretty smooth but it was so easy to make a mistake. I didn?t push quite as hard as I could on some of the hairpin turns, just to be safe. One of the corners was off cambered and I got pulled into a ditch full of rocks at the side of the track. I had to slow down a lot to get back onto the track. I reckon that without the mistake I could have done a time under nine minutes. It?s disappointing not to have won, but it was close. It was good fun though.’

David Knight ? Spartan GNCC: ‘I guess I got the result I should have also had at the last round of the series. I wasn?t sure how I?d feel after flying from Austria to the UK and then on to the States and racing twice all in three days but things worked out perfectly. I started ok, got to the front, made a mistake and crashed, and then followed the other riders for a while. I was faster in a few sections so I passed Charlie and things were good after that.’

Results – XC 1 class US GNCC Series Rnd 7, The Spartan GNCC

1. David Knight (Red Bull KTM Off Road Race Team) 2.58:15

2. Charlie Mullins (Yamaha) 3.00:23

3. Barry Hawk (Yamaha) 3.01:04

4. Jimmy Jarrett (Suzuki) 3.01:13

5. Glenn Kearney (Suzuki) 3.01:47

6. Garrett Edmisten (Kawasaki) 3.04:13

7. Russell Bobbitt (KTM) 3.04:33

8. Brian Garrahan (Yam) 3.05:26

9. Jesse Robinson (Kawasaki) 3.05:47

10. Josh Strang (Suzuki) 3.06:28

Results – Twin-cylinder class Erzberg ?07

1. Simo Kirssi (BMW) 9.02:93

2. David Knight (KTM) 9.06:93

3. Werner Muller (KTM) 9.14:48

4. Gio Sala (KTM) 9.21:27

5. Marc Coma (KTM) 9.29:5

6. Micky Dymond (BMW) 9.31:71

7. Chris Pfeiffer (BMW) 9.39:05

8. Greg Tracy (BMW) 9.42:09

9. Klaus Martinjak (Aprilia) 9.49:96

10. Peter Bachler (Aprilia) 9:57.72


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