PRODUCT: Klim has a reputation for producing some of the best adventure riding gear in the industry. Its jackets and pants are some of the most sought-after and expensive riding apparel on ADV riders’ wish lists. Klim has added the Krios Karbon Adventure helmet to its arsenal. It features hand-laid carbon fiber cloth with measured resin and weighs under 1500 grams while retaining its structural integrity. The optically correct face shield and visor only require a quarter turn to remove them for easy conversion to one of four different configurations. No tools are required. The ventilation system, visor and rear spoiler went through extensive testing to create the quietest adventure helmet available today. There’s venting in the chin bar, as well as a closable top vent. The polycarbonate anti-scratch shields are Pinlock-ready in clear or smoke options. The Krios helmet meets or exceeds both ECE and DOT standards.

OUR TAKE: When we removed the Krios Karbon Adventure helmet from the box, we immediately noticed how light it was. It is comfortably snug with no annoying pressure points, and the ear pockets are large enough to accommodate speakers for a communication system. (There is a version that comes with a Sena 10U Bluetooth headset pre-installed.) The clarity of the face shield is also noticeable, as is the wide eye port, offering good peripheral vision. Once we got on the road, we realized Klim’s claims of extensive testing of the visor to eliminate lift and noise were true. This is the best visor we’ve tested to date. We always wear earplugs when riding on the highway but remove them when testing a helmet for loudness. The Krios is surprisingly quiet for an ADV helmet. The wind noise without earplugs is the same as when wearing plugs with other brands of helmets. Ventilation is provided through a large port in the chin bar, which directs air onto the inside of the face shield. This design has the added benefit of keeping the shield clear of fog buildup in cold weather. There’s a closable vent in the forehead of the helmet that channels air over the top of your head and then out the rear. There are two additional exhaust vents on each side to further vent hot air. The face shield is easy to remove, so you can switch to a pair of goggles for those dusty dirt roads or trails. The removable chin-bar wind block is another nice touch usually reserved for pure road helmets. This little mesh guard greatly reduces the amount of wind coming from your chest into the bottom of the helmet. When riding off-road, we removed this guard to increase the amount of air flowing through the helmet. Removing and reinstalling the liner for cleaning was easy with a combination of slip-in tabs and press-fit pins.

GROANS: It was tough to find any real problems with the Krios helmet, though we had a couple of small issues. There are three retaining tabs for the liner on the front edge of the helmet. The tab on the right side wouldn’t stay seated under the clip, which allowed the liner to move slightly. It wasn’t enough to create fit or safety issues, just something we’d like to see addressed. The current trend in ADV helmets is to offer a flip-down sun visor inside the helmet. This isn’t an option with the Krios. We’ve never felt that built-in sunglasses were a requirement; it’s just something we noted. The cost is at the upper end of the price range.

BOTTOM LINE: The new Klim Krios Karbon Adventure helmet, is our new standard for adventure helmets. It’s light, it’s queit, we can ride with the visor and the hardest decision will be which of the five available colors to choose.

PRICE: $549.99

CONTACT: www.klim.com


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