If this young lady story doesn’t motivate you to overcome whatever obstacles you have in life nothing will. Kiana Clay overcame breaking her neck at age 12 and return to not only riding but racing motorcycles !

Adaptive athlete Kiana Clay enjoys competing in motocross, surfing, skating and snowboarding while also being an absolute inspiration to many. Her story is inspiring and moving as she had to overcome such adversity at a young age. Having been in a dirtbike accident which resulted in her breaking her neck and causing a traumatic injury resulting in nerve damage and paralysis to her right  arm when she was 12.

Not long after, while driving home from the hospital with her dad, they were involved in a collision with a drunk driver, which caused permanent damage to the functionality of her arm. She’s a fighter and  giving up  is not  her answer.

This is her story of not letting any limitations get in your way of living life and to live it in the most positive way. Check out the video of her story below.


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