Dear Mr. Know-It-All,
I purchased a 2020 KTM 300 XC TPI, and while I love the machine, it feels a bit docile when trying to get up on the pipe and revving the bike out. The bike has plenty of power, but lacks that snap and aggression my older carbureted bikes had. Others have mentioned adjusting the power valve, but the manual states otherwise.
Drew Jones
Via [email protected]

You have nothing to fear about adjusting your power valve. You’re not changing anything that will harm your engine’s internals. These TPI models have the screw adjusted in very deep, preventing the valve from opening quickly. With the screw turned in this far, it creates increased tension on the power-valve spring, not allowing it to freely open up and give you a longer and more substantial flow of power. The principle is, the further in you turn the adjuster, the more docile the nature of the bike will become. If you back the adjuster out, this lessens the tension and allows the power valve to open sooner. The result is a meatier hit in the middle and a lower pull on top.
There are also heavier and lighter springs available to alter the power for more or less hit! 

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