Kawasaki’s – 2009 KX250F Bike Review

     We recently rode the all-new KX250F out at the new Rynoland track, designed and managed by motocross hero Ryan Hughes, in Anza, California.

     The KX250F doesn’t look much different than last year an almost nothing is carried over from the ’08 KX. Kawasaki wanted to make the KX250F lighter and more nimble, and, of course, more powerful.

     The KX feels lighter, narrower and better. It has a slimmer seat, and narrower frame and subframe. The new frame is claimed to be 2.2 pounds lighter than the old frame and is 6mm narrower at the center of the bike, right where your knees hit.

The suspension isn’t radically changed and works well with just a few rides under our belts.

     The all-new motor feels a lot like last years motor, just smoother and with a broader powerband.  Starting on the KX is a dream. A slow steady kick and she fires right up.

     Suggested retail price is $6499 and the KX250F is on showroom floors right now! Look for a full test the in the December issue of Dirt Bike magazine.

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