Kailub Russell will miss the remaining two National Motocross rounds after a crash in the second moto at Unadilla. The GNCC champion had an impressive first race with a 6th in Moto 1 last weekend, but crashed out of Moto 2 while running in 10th position. He hurt his arm but said it’s not that bad of an injury and he just doesn’t want to risk racing without being 100%.

Kailub Russell Via his instagram- “Unfortunately I will not be lining up for the next two nationals. I’m not hurt but rather banged up from my Moto 2 crash. Haven’t been able to ride, and for myself it’s imperative I get as much seat time as possible on this factory 450 machine as I can, in order to be able to race to my full potential. At this time I don’t feel I’m capable of handling this monster to my abilities and don’t want to cause further damage trying”.

Kailub Russel

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