Yamaha’s Justin Barcia won the opening round of the Monster Energy Supercross season for the second year in a row. He came in as an underdog with all eyes on Eli Tomac, Adam Cianciarulo and Ken Roczen, but in the end, he out-rode them all. At the start of the 450 main event, Vince Friese pulled yet another holeshot, but Barcia didn’t wait around to take the lead. Justin Brayton, Adam Cianciarulo and Cooper Webb all were close to the front, but Eli Tomac was buried in the pack. Over the first few laps, Cianciarulo picked off rider after rider until he found himself in second. Then, about six laps into the race, Barcia took an off-track excursion, allowing Cianciarulo into the top spot. Barcia made a wild attempt at blocking Cianciarulo as he went past, but settled in about 3 second back. Then it was a fairly large gap back to a four-way battle between Brayton, Webb, Ken Roczen and Blake Baggett. With about five laps to go, Cianciarulo almost went over the bars, allowing Barcia back into the lead.  Meanwhile, Webb, Baggett and Roczen traded places in almost every turn. Just behind them, Jason Anderson knocked over Justin Brayton and took sixth, then moved up and passed Ken Roczen for fifth. As the race came to its final laps, the first two places were established, but it was bar-to bar all the way back through the top 10. The checkered flag saw Justin Barcia win the opening round for the second year in a row, saying he was riding better than he had in a long, long time. Cianciarulo was second over Cooper Webb, who had been battling the flu all night. Eli Tomac was seventh. For extended coverage of the 2020 Anaheim 1 Supercross, click here.

1 Justin Barcia
2 Adam Cianciarulo
3 Cooper Webb
4 Blake Baggett
5 Jason Anderson
6 Ken Roczen
7 Eli Tomac
8 Justin Brayton
9 Malcolm Stewart
10 Vince Friese
11 Justin Hill
12 Aaron Plessinger
13 Dean Wilson
14 Zach Osborne
15 Martin Davalos
16 Justin Bogle
17 Tyler Bowers
18 Chad Reed
19 Kyle Chisholm
20 Chris Blose
21 Fredrik Noren
22 James Decotis


Vince Friese got a great start but it was Justin Brayton who quickly took the lead. Eli Tomac came together with Friese and ran off the track, dropping from third to around seventh. Before long, Ken Roczen moved past Friese into second, quickly setting out after his teammate Brayton. For much of the race, the two Hondas battled for the lead while Friese, Malcolm Stewart and Tomac battled for third.  Tomac came in hard under Stewart, who went down, but quickly remounted. In the end, Brayton managed to stay in front of Roczen, Friese and Tomac.  A first-turn pile up took out a number of riders including Chad Reed and Aaron Plessinger.

1 Justin Brayton
2 Ken Roczen
3 Vince Friese
4 Eli Tomac
5 Martin Davalos
6 Blake Baggett
7 Malcolm Stewart
8 Chris Blose
9 Kyle Chisholm
10 Tyler Bowers
11 Kyle Cunningham
12 Chad Reed
13 Cade Clason
14 James Weeks
15 Ryan Breece
16 Jerry Robin
17 Vann Martin
18 Joan Cros
19 Justin Starling
20 Aaron Plessinger


Zach Osborne had been quiet all night until 450 heat two, where he pulled the holeshot. On lap three, Justin Barcia took over, but Osborne stayed right with him. Adam Cianciarulo was in the mix as well until he bobbled, barely managing to stay upright. Eventually, the order stabilized with Barcia in front, followed by Osborne, Justin Hill, Cianciarulo, Cooper Webb and Jason Anderson. Cianciarulo passed Hill and Osborne crashed into a tuffblock, but up front, it was all Barcia in the final laps. On the final lap, Cooper Webb managed to pass Hill for third, apparently overcoming his bout with the flu.

1 Justin Barcia
2 Adam Cianciarulo
3 Cooper Webb
4 Justin Hill
5 Jason Anderson
6 Justin Bogle
7 Dean Wilson
8 Fredrik Noren
9 James Decotis
10 Zach Osborne
11 Joshua Cartwright
12 Benny Bloss
13 Cade Autenrieth
14 Hector Assuncao
15 Dylan Merriam
16 Jason Clermont
17 Nick Schmidt
18 Austin Politelli
19 Alex Ray
20 Adam Enticknap

450 LCQ

Only four places were up for grabs in the last chance qualifier and it was an unusually fast field. Zach Osborne and Chad Reed rounded the first turn side-by-side, with Osborne getting credited with the holeshot. In the early laps, Aaron Plessinger and Tyler Bowers battled for fifth, with Kyle Cunningham and Ryan Breece situated in the final two spots. Plessinger passed Bowers, but then almost crashed trying to get around Breece. In a hectic final lap, Bowers got into third and Plessinger earned fourth with Breece and Cunningham falling back.

1 Zach Osborne
2 Chad Reed
3 Tyler Bowers
4 Aaron Plessinger
5 Kyle Cunningham
6 Benny Bloss
7 Ryan Breece
8 Cade Autenrieth
9 Austin Politelli
10 Alex Ray
11 Jerry Robin
12 Justin Starling
13 Joshua Cartwright
14 Joan Cros
15 Hector Assuncao
16 Cade Clason
17 Dylan Merriam
18 Jason Clermont
19 Nick Schmidt
20 Vann Martin
21 James Weeks
22 Adam Enticknap

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