Crossover Success

Mike Kiedrowski has had a long and successful career not only in the GNCC and WORCS series, but also back in the early 1990?s, Mike was cleaning up on the motocross circuit. With a resume reading like a National champion list, the “MX Kied” took the 1989 and ?91 125 National championship, ?93 250 National championship, and ?92 500 National championship. Today, Mike is a member of the Team Suzuki squad, but has had a relatively difficult go of the 2003 GNCC series. I caught up with Kiedrowski while he was on a break from the GNCC series, and fired questions at him about offroad racing, motocross, and what?s next for the star.

Dirt Bike: Hey Mike. First off, what gives with your results this year in GNCC racing? You?ve had four DNF?s so far.
Mike Kiedrowski: I know! I don?t know what?s going on. I guess it?s just bad luck or something, because it hasn?t been Suzuki or my mechanic or even my fault, just weird things are happening. One race it was just really muddy and the mud just kind of sucked up the bikes gas, so I ran out of gas. Then in another race the water pump hose broke, which drained the coolant out of the bike, which in turn caused the bike to seize. And, I don?t know how this happened, but I broke my gas petcock. I?ve never heard of any other riders having this problem, but I?ve broken mine twice! The final DNF was because my clutch got tight, which caused it to heat up and break a hose.

DB: Oh man, lady luck sure isn?t on your side. Other than the DNF?s, you?ve place third at two rounds and eight at another. How have you been riding when you haven?t had the DNF?s?
MK: I feel good and I?m riding really well. I?m happy with my speed, and at a few of the races I?ve actually led for a bit.

DB: Now that the points chase is kind of far off for you, what are your goals and aspirations for the rest of the series?
MK: From the beginning of the year, I?ve wanted to win a race. And regardless of where I?ve finished so far, every lap around the track helps me get better and faster.

DB: The GNCC series hits a lull in the summer, what are you planning on doing during your down time?
MK: I?m going to vacation in Hawaii for a week with my family, then after that I?m going to continue riding and training for the rest of the series. I will also be doing more testing on the bike and getting it better.

DB: What do you like to do in your free time?
MK: I like to mountain bike, ride my road bike, lift weights, and hang out with my wife and daughter as much as I can.

DB: You?re a pretty busy guy! And now on to the questions about motocross. Motocross versus GNCC, what?s more physically demanding?
MK: (Pause) They are both kind of the same, but in different aspects. In motocross, your cardio is higher and you exert more energy. In a GNCC race, you go for three hours, but the pace has been really fast these past few years. At the end of the day, it depends on the track to know what is more physically difficult. I struggle in the mud, so at a mud track I?d be more tired. If it is dry out, I can ride a lot easier and it isn?t as tough for me.

DB: Ok, hypothetically speaking, let?s say you race Ricky Carmichael in a GNCC race, who do you think would win?
MK: (Laughter) Now that depends, and I really couldn?t tell you, because in motocross you have to have a different riding style and bike set-up. I don?t know if Ricky has ridden in the woods at all, so it?d be difficult to say. Well, maybe me, but if he rode and practiced in the woods then it?d be close. I?m pretty sure that he could beat me on a motocross track though.

DB: Now the clincher, do you miss motocross?
MK: Sometimes I do miss it, then sometimes I don?t. The motocross schedule is so hectic and I like the weekends off that I have. If I do miss something about motocross, it?s the fact that motocross is more popular.

DB: Would you ever consider coming back and racing motocross?
MK: (Pause) The circumstances would have to be right. I?m getting old you know! If I did, I would only race motocross, and definitely not supercross. I?d ride a 250 as opposed to a 125.

DB: All things considered, what?s next for Mike Kiedrowski?
MK: You know, I?ve always wanted to work for a magazine or be a team manager. If I worked at a magazine, I?d want it to be an offroad magazine, doing some writing and test riding. Heck, maybe I could work for Dirt Bike (laughter).


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