While searching for any news on the Six Days we logged onto the Main Home of the 2007 ISDE (https://www.isde2007.cl/en/index.php) and learned that KTM’s Juha Salminen had been disqualified for outside assistance. Here’s what they posted:

*A pitiful loss for the Six Days world championship: Finn Juha Salminen has been desqualified by the jury because his bike was helped yesterday to push his bike by people in the public.

The jury meeting verified what pictures said. Nevertheless, the Finn representative expressed his disagreement with this decision and said to consider it ,according to his opinion,unfair, since the people do not belong to his country. He argued that Italian Mirko Gritti had gone through the same situation some days ago. There are photographs wich show this, but there were no jury present at the moment.*

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