Josh Morros update

As of 8/20/2008…

Josh continues to be in a coma and is in critical but stable condition.  He is receiving treatment to control swelling and pressure in his skull.  Josh has also been receiving medication to control pain and to help him rest and to heal.  Hopefully the pressure in his skull will start to subside and Josh will start to come around. We all are hoping for him to regain consciousness soon so he can get on the long road back…   The Morros family is convinced, as well as those who know him, that Josh is going to get through this.  Josh is one tough kid.

Sean Reddish visited today with the Morros family and was able to see Josh.  Sean said, “Its weird other than looking a little banged up he looks like he’s snoozing.  He does seem to be reacting to voices and touch. We all are taking that as a good sign. It’s so tough to see this and know there isn’t much you can do. Man we just want to see him get well.”

As with all traumatic brain injuries it is difficult to predict the outcome and recovery for each patient. Please keep Josh and his family in your thoughts and prayers.  We will continue to provide updates as they become available.

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