When you look up the word “persistence” in the dictionary you may as well see a photo of John Dowd. While most motocross racers retire before reaching their mid-30?s, the senior member of Team Chevy Trucks Kawasaki is still going strong. Dowd joined the Kawasaki team for the year 2000 at the ripe young age of 34. While most of his colleagues have been racing since they could walk, Dowd didn?t hit the track until he was 16, and didn?t begin racing until 21. Since most of his successes have come since he became eligible for the Veteran class, there?s no reason to think multiple trips to the podium aren?t in his future.

John Dowd proved his versatility on any size machine by winning the 1998 Western Region Supercross Championship, and earning his first 250cc supercross main event victory that same year. He finished out the 125cc Motocross Championship in 2nd, finishing among the top three in all but two of the twelve events. 1998 was also the year that Dowd was chosen to represent the U.S. for a second time at the Motocross des Nations. The year before, he fought Jeff Emig for the 250cc MX title but came up short, still finishing an impressive 2nd overall.

Dowd has also proved his versatility with regards to achieving success in both motocross and supercross. Early in his career, he was considered strictly an outdoor rider, but has molded his skills to the point of becoming a national contender in SX: Just another example of Dowd?s commitment to his craft. And if you ask anyone who?s lined up against him, they?ll be quick to tell you that there is still a lot of fight in this “Junkyard Dog”, as he?s sometimes called in reference to his tenacity on the track, and the fact that he grew up working in the family?s Massachusetts? scrap business.

When he?s not out on the track, Dowd enjoys mountain biking, boating, and play riding on his motorcycles, as well as spending time with his wife and son Ryan.


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