The John Burr 24 Hours of Glen Helen came together this weekend with a familiar winner. The JCR Honda Team won once again, but it wasn’t because of a lack of competition. In fact, the talent was deep this year and it all came down to seconds in the end. Colton Udall led Ryan Dudek, Tim Weigand and David Kamo to a one-minute victory over the Precision Concepts team of Robby Bell, Chris Hollis, Justin Seeds and Ty Renshaw.  Throughout the race, the two teams were never far apart, but through the early hours, they both trailed the Zip-Ty Racing team of Mike Brown, Ty Davis, Gary Sutherlin and Bobby Garrison. That crew suffered a series of major setbacks in the first six hours that centered around clogged fuel injectors. They eventually clawed back to fourth overall behind a smooth running Purvines Beta team of Justin Morrow, Ryan Abbatoye, Max Gerston, Tallon Taylor, Nick Burson and Jason Parsons. The Purvines team won World War Glen Helen  by combining its fourth overall to a first and a third earned in the previous two Glen Helen Endurance races, becoming the first team to be officially crowned overall champion in the 14 year-history of the race series. 
      That championship was presented by Rockwell Time, and became quite contentious with four teams in the hunt. One was the Dirt Bike Magazine team, which was led by Associate Editor Mark Tilley, himself a former winner of the 24-Hour. This year he put together a team for the Open Expert class rather than the Pro class for strategic reasons—the Pros are limited to one bike and four riders. Experts get a spare bike and six riders, which attracted several other top team to the expert classes, the Purvines team being another.  Team Dirt Bike finished  the day in fifth overall, second Expert and second on the season.

The Precision Concepts team didn’t go down easily, and battled bitterly to the end.
      The riders who had everyone in awe were the Ironmen. Brian Adam tried to make a quick getaway in that class, but he never could shake Robbie Foster, and both had to ride much harder than they wanted. Adams finished in 37th place with a one-lap lead on his class and is the top Ironman of the season. For more results go to
Purvines Beta won the season championship, presented by Rockwell Time.
Team Dirt Bike was fifth overall, second on the season.
JCR and Purvines: The racing was often elbow to elbow.

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