JCR/Honda Powerhouse Quinn Cody to Race the 2011 Dakar

In a partnership between JCR/Honda, American Honda, Honda Europe and HT Rally Raid among many others, Quinn Cody is poised to take his speed, endurance and championship riding to the World Rally stage at the 2011 Dakar. Anticipation and expectations are high as Quinn is in a position to take the Dakar by storm. Make no mistake however, the Dakar is no easy task and the American champion will have to be on his game. Lucky for America, Quinn Cody is just the guy to do it.

His recent exploits include winning the 2010 Baja 500 and the remarkable, solo winning of the 2010 Vegas 2 Reno overall. Be prepared to follow along as Quinn Cody takes on the world in the 2011 Dakar. He will be racing on a JCR/Honda, HT Rally Raid modified Honda CRF450X, appropriately named the DakarX.

The 2011 Dakar is a 15 day, nearly 6000 mile event, aired in 190 countries every day for several weeks so the global exposure from this race is off the charts. The Race begins and ends in Buenos Aires, Argentina with scrutineering on December 30th & 31st 2010. Opening ceremonies begin January 1st 2011 and the finishing ceremonies are taking place back in Buenos Aires on January 16th 2011.

‘As a former racer of the Dakar going back has been on my radar since I started JCR/Honda. I am very pleased at how this team came together, who is involved and I have total faith in Quinn Cody’s skills as a racer. Quinn has the fitness and speed to win and the Honda CRF450X with Lucas Oils is an unstoppable racing machine. The key will be navigation and strategy and JCR/Honda & HT Rally Raid crews are committed to bringing our A game.’ — Johnny Campbell

I am extremely excited for the opportunity to take on the 2011 Dakar. The Dakar has been a life-long dream for me and with the new rules limiting the pro motorcycles to 450cc, the timing could not be better for JCR/Honda to take our unmatched experience with the CRF450X to The Dakar.’ –Quinn Cody

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