JCR/Honda delivers a dominating win at the 2010 SCORE San Felipe Baja 250

Another big win for JCR/Honda at this past weekend’s SCORE San Felipe, Baja 250. If you have ever had the chance to ride around San Felipe, Baja Mexico you know that the area’s whooped out, washed out and rocky terrain is among the worst on the planet. With a terrific effort, JCR/Honda’s Colton Udall and Jeff ‘OX’ Kargola riding the 3x Honda CRF450X, crossed the finish line in first place! The celebration erupted as Colton Udall and OX relished in the triumph of a hard fought race. The JCR/Honda 1x Honda CRF450X bike was ridden solo by Kendall Norman and came out swinging. Starting 3 minutes behind the first bike off the line. Kendall had put the bike in the lead by the 70 mile marker and was on his way to clean air when a 65mph get off sent him to the ground hard and the bike even harder. With bike repairs in the middle of the desert necessary, Kendall was left to sit and wait for 30 minutes as the team replaced the handlebars, sub frame and pipe. Kendall made his way back to 4th place by the end of the race.

‘I worked my butt off for this win and it feel so good! Thanks to everyone at JCR/Honda and my teammate OX for giving it your all’. -Colton Udall

‘I am so pleased with the effort our teams put together. We overcame adversity at every corner and that is how championships are won. Thank you to my pit staff, racers and team for a 100% effort and congratulations to Colton and OX on a big win’. -Johnny Campbell

‘I was looking forward to the challenge of an overall solo win. I had a little mistake and swapped out over a burm. It just wasn’t my day to win. The JCR/Honda pits did a great job getting me going again and I really missed having Timmy down here. The big picture is defending the 1x plate and I salvaged some important points for the championship’. -Kendall Norman

Check out www.score-international.com/ for the official and full list of results.




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