Jason Lawrence Apology Letter

Hey everybody,
I want to start out by apologizing to everyone at RedBud, my team at Yamaha of Troy and the entire MX industry on what not only happened this past weekend, but also for the rest of the crap I’ve been involved with this past year.
Things are pretty much rock bottom for me right now. I was on top of the world when I won the Western Lites title a couple months ago and now I’m sitting here feeling like crap. I’ve got my side of the story regarding what went down at RedBud, yeah, but there’s no sense in telling it. The simple answer is I put myself into a situation that I shouldn’t have been in and because of that I’ve let a bunch of people down.
I’ve run into some problems away from the track that have affected my results and it’s become apparent that I’ve got to address them. I am taking action to deal with these issues and to make sure incidents like what happened this past weekend don’t occur again. I’m calling on people that have been there with me through thick and thin, relying on them to help me with my problems and get me on back on track as I’ve come to realize these are things I can’t handle myself.
Motocross is my life. I love the sport and don’t know where I’d be without it. And being a champion I’m constantly in the spotlight and my every move – good or bad – is  discussed and debated online and in the press. It’s a lot to handle and, in all honesty, I’ve had a bad year dealing with it.
But that’s going to change. I am going to try to turn this into positive and use this opportunity to fix the things that are causing these problems in the first place.
Again, I’m extremely sorry for my actions. To guys like my agent, Scott Sepkovic, and to Scott Paul, who owns Yamaha of Troy. Also, to Chris McAvoy, my team manager, and Keith McCarty at Yamaha, plus my mom and all the guys at the AMA who’ve had to put up with my behavior, I’m sorry. Very, very sorry.
But most of all I want to apologize to my fans. If I’d have bought a ticket to see my favorite guy race at RedBud and he got kicked off the property for getting in a fight the day before I’d be mad as hell. So to all my fans and fans of motocross in general, I’m going to take the extra step to make sure we’re cool again. I promise to make amends to you guys because there’s nothing better than seeing you pumped up when I’m doing well – and still having my back when I’m not doing so well, like right now.
I’m not making any excuses. I screwed up good this past weekend and I’m prepared to do what it takes to get back where I was when I won the supercross title. I’m no angel and never will be. But what I will be is responsible for my actions, take the right measures to correct things and learn from my mistakes.

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