Jarrett wins Moose Run

Jarrett wins Moose Run

Team Suzuki’s Jimmy Jarrett topped what many consider to be the ‘real’ Toughest Race in America- OMA’s Moose Run. Bill and Monte Gusse laid out a 35 mile loop and pretty much brutalized the racers. According to one of America’s best off-road racers ever, Jeff Fredette, ‘This sucker was the toughest thing I’ve ever done. I didn’t know that there were that many trees in the world, let alone in Gusse’s back yard’. Jarrett took the holeshot, then played cat and mouse with Brian Garrahan, Jason Thomas, Nick

Fahringer and local boy Adam Bonneur. The first lap took the leaders just about three hours to complete and in a move of complete compassion, Bill Gusse opted to end the race at the 2-lap point. Jarrett put the pedal down on the final lap, gapping Brian Garrahan who was racing a Fun Mart YZ450. Brian had over heating issues and ripped off a radiator hose, yet soldiered on to finish a well earned second overall. Gas Gas racer Nick Fahringer rode superbly and distanced himself from early front runners Jason Thomas and Adam Bonneur.

1 Suz Jimmy Jarrett
2 Yam Brian Garrahan
3 Gas Nick Fahringer
4 Yam Jason Thomas
5 KTM Chris Bach
6 Yam Joan Jou
7 Yam Zach Sulzberger
8 Yam Adam Bonneur
9 Hon Tracy Bachman


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