By Adam Booth

It happened again. I was lucky enough to be part of the Suzuki Crossover Challenge, which took place Saturday night at 9:30 in front of 60,000 people at the San Diego supercross. This was my fourth year racing the Crossover but by far this year was the most nervous I?ve been. How can you not be nervous and on the verge of puking out your guts when you line up behind the gate on a real supercross track, under the stadium lights and in front of a crowd that just saw heat races and pro?s using the track to it?s fullest.

Now that same crowd was about to see 24 outside the industry guys attempt to negotiate the full track on identical Suzuki 125s. The only modification being larger rear sprockets provided by Renthal. So yeah, I have a feeling most of the other riders on the gate were as nervous as me, seeing as how the crowd was probably in for some giggles watching us roll through the whoops in first gear, compared to Chad Reed who blitz?s them wide in third.

They dropped the gate and to be honest, the crowd was the last thing on my mind. Making it through the five laps with out making a complete fool of myself was high on my list of priorities. The first turn was a long way away, waiting for 24 Suzuki?s to come sliding in. I got out of the gate fairly well and shot down the middle, making the decision to stay in the middle and let the chaos of the inside line sort itself out. That it did with a small pile up which I narrowly missed as a rider bounced off my left side. I think it was Malcolm McCasey from No Fear, but it?s hard to tell in that situation. Once clear of that, the second pile up developed 15 feet later, which again, I somehow weaved around through. By the second corner, dumbfounded, I found myself in fifth. Once clear of the majority of riders, I settled in to a pace, which I hoped would keep the bike on two wheels and me off the dirt. A true to life supercross track is no place for mere mortals, its dangerous and can strike the unready and weak at any given moment. A few riders passed me on the first lap while I attempted to take in what was happening to me. I found it amazing and confusing that I was riding in front of a crowd that usually I?m a part of, watching skilled pro riders under the big lights. So when I came up short doubling into the triples, the crowds response made me smile inside my helmet because I know I?d be the first guy letting out some oh?s and ah?s if sitting in the crowd. I think the crowd found some entertainment in the whole scene, seeing as how there were a bunch of crashes, luckily no one getting hurt too badly. Maybe seeing 24 non-pros try and negotiate a supercross track gave the crowd added respect for the real pro riders. I know I have a whole new perspective on everyone of those guys who line up behind that gate. A big thanks goes out to everyone who made the Suzuki Crossover Challenge happen.

Suzuki Crossover Challenge Individual Results

1. Karim Amour, mountain biking
2. John Haskell, Suzuki
3. Jim Doman, Kayaking
4. Aaron Cooke, BMX
5. Joe Lawwill, mountain biking
6. Victor Sheldon, jet skiing
7. Brian Lopes, mountain biking
8. Greg Herbold, mountain biking
9. Adam Booth, BMX
10. Eric Spriet, skiing
11. Garth Tarlow, surfing
12. Jason Ellis, skateboarding
13. Robbie Miranda, BMX
14. Aaron Vincent, snowboarding
15. Jordan Burns, music
16. Jason Bikowski, television personality
17. Steve Caballero, skateboarding
18. Salman Agah, skateboarding
19. John Zuber, snowboarding
20. Malcolm McCassey, video producer
21. Doug Sloan, television personality
22. Dwayne Taylor, BMX
23. Jeremy Toye, road racing
24. Josh Sleigh, surfing


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