JAN 28–Destry Abbott’s Race Report.

JAN 28–Destry Abbott’s Race Report.

Destry Abbott

I headed to Lucerne, California on Thursday and met up with Brian Brown and David Pearson to shoot some photos with Kenny Jones, for this years posters. After that, it was time to drive down to Kawasaki and get the bike ready for the first H&H of the year. On Friday, I drove back up to the high desert to go see Daryl from ACME suspension. He was kind enough to set up a set of suspension for me to test before the race on Sunday. I then drove out to the race site to give it a try before it got too dark. Needless to say, the end result was an awesome bike that I felt was going to give me a great chance to win the race on Sunday.


My family and I stayed out at the race site and had a lot of fun making smores and hanging out with the other families. Saturday morning I got up pretty early to go do some riding, and get everything dialed in with the bike. I went and rode the bomb run a couple of times and found a good line that I felt would work for the race. Then it was time to see my daughter, Kelsey, race her first race. She did great and had a lot of fun on her KLX 110. After that I just did a lot of play riding with a lot of different guys.

Race Day

The race started around 9:30 in the morning. There wasn’t much of a breeze, like the previous days, which isn’t a good thing unless you’re leading. They ran us on two loops (40 miles each). The first loop was on the fast side, with the second having a lot more technical terrain. I had a pretty good jump off the start and was in 3rd place at the end of the bomb, with Russ Pearson leading and Ty Davis in second. Not to far after that, Brian Brown was able to get by me while I was trying to find a good line out of the dust. I was doing everything I could to get back by him, but the dust made it very difficult. I know Brian was able to get by Ty, but I’m not sure how far into the first loop. I was feeling pretty good around the 20-mile marker and wanted to get by Ty, since Russ and Brian started to pull away from us. I was able to make a move around Ty, on a single-track section, and get by him. It was pretty hard since it felt like he had a paddle tire on his bike. I haven’t got roosted that hard in a long time. I now was trying to get back up to Brian, who wasn’t too far behind Russ. At the first pit Russ was leading, followed by Brian and I was about a minute and a half back from Russ. I was looking forward to the second loop, because I knew it was more technical. I actually caught Brian around 10 miles out, on the second loop. I started to go for the pass, and then hit a rock that was hidden in the dust. Unfortunately I went down, but was able to pick it back up pretty quick and take off after Brian again. I was able to catch back up to him again around the 20-mile marker. This time Brian was the one to go down, in a rocky corner, and I passed him while he was picking up his bike. Brian and I were able to make up some time and were only about 45 seconds back, when he   ?nt down. I still felt like I had a good shot at winning this thing, if I would just ride like I know I can. I was feeling really good and got within 25 seconds of Russ with about 8 miles left. I then hit a rock, in a sand wash, that put me over the bars. I was fine and went to pick up the bike and discovered that my front brake lever was bent down pretty far. I took off as fast as I could, before I lost site of him again. It was a lot harder to charge since I really couldn’t pull in the front brake lever (Which I tried to hit back into its normal position, but wasn’t moving). I was still able to close the gap, because Russ stalled his bike just before the finish. Russ ended up winning the race about 20 seconds in front of me. Brian Brown finished third, with a really banged up pipe. Overall, I’m usually not to happy finishing second. However in this case I know I have the speed and the bike, next time I just need to get a better start. As most of you know I’m really looking forward to this year, be   ?se I want that #1 plate back. You’ve all been great and I’ll do my best to start racking up the wins:)

Overall Results

1st Russ Pearson
2nd Destry Abbott
3rd Brian Brown
4th Ty Davis
5th Steve Hengeveld
6th Andy Grider

Other Notes

My daughter raced her first race and did pretty darn good! She’s definitely got the bug now and has informed me that she will now be racing the Adelanto G.P.:)

Donny Emler JR. (or little D) as some people call him raced his first ever H&H. I’m not sure how he did, but I did some riding with him the day before and he has some speed.

This was my first race with my new sponsor ACME suspension. Daryl does amazing stuff, and I’m really looking forward to working with him.

Saturday Larry Roeseler had an open house, back in town, with his new shop L.R’s Motozone. I was hoping to make it, but had to do some testing.

At the end of the race, we had this gnarly down hill to the finish. It seemed to be a great spectator spot and was actually pretty fun going down.


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