The Dirt Bike staff has seen Miracle On 34th Street dozens of times, but none of us can recall seeing that Jimmy Stewart screaming towards 35th Street on his KX. We have, however seen James “Bubba” Stewart doing just that, although it?s not 35th Street but the checkered flag at Loretta?s that he?s usually racing towards.

This year will probably mark the end of Ricky Carmichael?s record as the most dominant amateur in the U.S. when Stewart wins his tenth Loretta Lynn?s title. Being mentioned in the same sentence with fellow Team Kawasaki riders R.C. and Jeff Ward could go to a lot of racers? heads. Come to think of it?it has, but as far as we can tell James Stewart is not one of those people. After talking with Jimmy at his new home in Lake Hamilton, FL it was clear to see that his head still fits in his helmet, and thankfully so, since he needed it at a crash in Gainesville a month ago. We asked him what happened, along with his influences, hobbies, and being called the Tiger Woods of MX.

DB: So what happened at Gainesville?
BUBBA: I got caught in a first turn pile up racing my 125 and broke my shoulder. Unfortunately I haven?t been able to do any riding but I?ve been going to the gym and am looking forward to getting back on the track in Gainesville at the end of December.

DB: What riders did you look up to when you were a kid??O.K., a little kid.
BUBBA: I always liked Ricky Carmichael because he never gives up and we used to go riding together. We both grew up and still live in Florida so I?d see him at the local races.

DB: How does it feel to be compared with the likes of Team Kawasaki?s R.C. and even Kawasaki?s legendary Jeff Ward?
BUBBA: It?s pretty nice but I try not to let it go to my head. I have a lot of work in front of me.

DB: We hear you recently moved from Winter Haven, what gives?
BUBBA: One of the reasons my family moved here was so we could have a track built at our house. The track we have now is a lot like Troy, OH, but we?re building another one next to it that will be supercross style.

DB: What do you like to do when you?re not racing?
BUBBA: I spend a lot of time training but also like to wakeboard, ride BMX, and race Jet-Skis.

DB: How have your parents and Kawasaki added to your racing?
BUBBA: My parents are behind me 150% which is great and they both come to all my races. They also make sure I train as hard as I should. Kawasaki has been great since pee-wees. They?ve helped me out with bikes and still do. I wouldn?t be where I am today without them.

DB: How do you feel about being called the Tiger Woods of MX?
BUBBA: I don?t feel like Tiger, or any different from anyone else because we all look the same with our helmets on. I like the fact that guys like John Hackley from Pennsylvania are racing and doing well, and that I was influential in getting them into the sport.


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