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Day three has proven two things: the American riders will not give up, but their competition won’t give in.

Each member of America’s Team posted a few good scores today, showing they have the speed to do well. But each good score was contrasted by a slower one in another test. As a result, America’s Team stands in tenth place at the half-way point of the competition. The team didn’t come to Brazil to get tenth, but considering the problems they encountered right off the start, it’s not a bad result.

Better yet, the three-man GNCC Club Team of Hawkins, Jenks and Blackwell is riding strong in third overall of the Club division.

Heat seems to be the biggest factor in the event, as riders are getting dehydrated and tired by the end of their long days in the saddle. With temps in the 90s and soaring humidity, it’s no surprise.

Trophy Team rider Mike Lafferty has become more acclimated to the sand and heat, carding 4th, 5th, 11th, 12th and 18th-place scores, overall a solid day for our Enduro Champ. He sits ninth in his class, the 400cc four-strokes. Mike Kiedrowski also rode well in three of his five tests, with a 9th, 13th and an 8th. Mike is 17th in the 250 class.

Ty Davis is still top American, currently sitting 19th overall. Ty is feeling a little under the weather though, and he’s getting weaker as the week wears on. He’s 9th in the 250 2-stroke class.

Right behind him for Top American honors is Junior Team rider Kurt Caselli. Kurt was still on the gas today, scoring 4 top-ten finishes and a 13th in his five tests. He’s 25th overall and 11th in the 250s.

Jason Raines is struggling a bit in the sand, but he wants to pick it up and help his team. He’s 23rd in the 250 2-stroke class. Rodney Smith is in 33rd in the 125 class, but much of his score is due to getting lost on the trail two days ago and racking up big points.

With Hawk out of the race, the team suffers a bit because they have to keep every score the team earns (teams keep the best 5 of 6 scores, but Hawk, after blowing up his bike early, is not eligible to race. So now every score the 5 riders still running earn has to count).

The Club Team is riding incident-free and staying in the hunt. Jenks is 41st in the 250 class, while Blackwell is 49th (there are about 150 riders in the 250 2-stroke class). And Hawkins is riding phenominally, running 11th in the 250 4-stroke class, right behind long-time America ISDE competitor Fred Hoess.

Finland leads the event over the Italian and French. Australia’s Stefan Merriman leads the event overall, but 7-Time World Motocross Champion Stefan Everts is just seconds behind him.

Day 4 promises all-new tests for the riders, which will freshen things up. But the heat and the fatigue will still be there for everyone, which means anything can happen.


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