The 96th edition of the ISDE is set to start on Monday, August 29th in Le Puy en Velay, France. The U.S. team has arrived, their equipment is in park ferme, and our 10 teams are preparing for the week ahead. The U.S.contingent consists of three premier teams (World Trophy, Junior Trophy and Women’s Trophy) and seven club teams.
The U.S Trophy team has suffered setbacks, but Kailub Russell, Layne Michael, Dante Oliveira and Josh Toth report that they are in good health going in. Kailub retired two years ago from full-time racing, but has remained fit and ready. He is recovering from a knee injury, but is still optimistic. Mateo Oliveira, Austin Walton and Cody Barnes will comprise the Junior team for riders under 23 years old. The pride of the U.S. will be the defending champions on the Women’s team: Brandy Richards, Rachel Gutish and Korie Steede.

The American Trophy team last won in 2019, but finished third to the Italians in 2021. This year, the stiffest competition is likely to come from the British team, which will have Nathan Watson, 2021 World GP Champion Brad Freeman, 2020 World GP Champion Steve Holcombe and Jamie McCanney.

The Australian did not contend last year (or in 2020, when the event was canceled) but are incredibly strong. The Aussie Trophy team includes 2019 individual winner Daniel Sanders, 2018 individual winner Daniel Milner, Josh Green and Wil Ruprecht. Mary Rinell is there for Dirt Bike this year. Here are some of the sights she has gathered in the days preceding that race in Le Puy en Velay.

Beta teammates Steve Holcombe and Brad Freeman–both world champions in their own right–will be on the British trophy team together, and were seen breaking in their bikes on Thursday in France.
Korie Steede’s KTM is uncrated and ready for action. She will join last year’s victorious U.S. Women’s team members Brandy Richards and Rachel Gutish.
Kyron Bacon was spotted in action breaking in his Yamaha. He is one of the young Australians looking to take the Junior World championship this year.
Yet another fast Aussie Junior Team member: Korey McMahon.
Josh Toth will be among the American Trophy members going through tech inspection on Saturday.
The ISDE is often a family affair. Shawn O’Leary and Jeff O’Leary are both on a U.S. club team named for Elizabeth Scott.
Kyron Bacon, team Australia
Brandy Richards won every special test in 2021 to lead the U.S. women to victory.
There in spirit: Taylor Robert could not attend this year due to a severe injury. His absence is a drastic blow to the U.S. team. Photo by Mark Kariya.
Throw-back to the greats: Americans can draw inspiration from Jeff Fredette, who has the record of the most ISDEs attended and the most finished. The number stands at 33, until he goes back for more.
Kurt Caselli revitalized the U.S. team after years of mediocrity. Without his efforts, the U.S. victories that came later would not have been possible. Photo by Mark Kariya.
Rodney Smith was one of the American all-time ISDE greats. In 1992, he came to Australia for his first ISDE and nearly won overall.


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