ISDE – Day 4

ISDE 2008 Greece – Day 3 Higlights ~Click For Video Clip

by Tom Webb

Good morning, as I was on my way up to our local motocross track to 
test the new ’09 RM-Z450 my brother (Team Suzuki Off-road Manager Mike 
Webb) called me with a sketchy ISDE update. All it concerned was 
Nathan Woods, who had a dismal first day when he dropped 9-minutes due 
to a short in his rear brake light. On day 2 Nathan won the two MX 
Specials and got second in both Red Bull tests. He moved from 67th in 
class to the 40s. Day three he set the fast time in the early MX test, 
got top marks in the second MX test and again, 2nd in both Red Bull 
tests, His only grief is coming in the cross-country specials which he 
said are nothing but one long rut. Passing is impossible and the dust 
is miserable. When I get more news we’ll get it posted.

No drive fast and take chances.

Team Off Camber ISDE Report
Hi Everyone!!

Day 4 is in the record books!! Today’s trail was the same as yesterday’s course. The only things different was we pre-rode the enduro test for Day 5. Needless to say, the course was really chewed up today, after 4 laps on the 75 mile loop with 300 riders per loop. Tomorrow’s course will be made up off mostly new trail with some transfer sections being part of trail that we have already rode. We are suppose to go back up the gnarly uphill that we did on Day 1 & 2, the one that gave me all kinds of problems, but rumor has it…..they are going to route us around that. So everyone, keep your fingers crossed for me, please!!! =) Other than that, the course will contain alot of the same stuff terrain stuff that we have ridden all week. Dusty and rocky conditions with transfer jeep roads and the creek section towards the bottom of the mountain.

Day 4 went well for me. I didn’t drop any trail points and did okay in most of the test. Nicole had some bike problems today, but she got it all taken care of and is ready for Day 5. Maria had another outstanding day today with really good test scores. The USA Women’s Team is currently standing in 2nd place with France still in 1st. But there is a protest taking place right now at the jury meeting in regards to France, so standing may or may not change. We’ll have to wait and see.

The World Trophy team is still doing very well. They are currently standing in 3rd place. Nathan Woods has been having a phenomenal ride after is bikes problems on Day 1. He was 1st in 2 of the special test today and stayed within the top 5 of most of the others. Ricky Deitrich is also staying really strong. He actually posted the fast overall scores for Day 4 for the USA World Trophy team. The rest of the team, Kanney, Abbott and Jarrett are all right there too, posting great test times.

Thanks for everyone’s support! Just one more day and a final moto!! Go Team USA!!

Mandi Mastin

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