Brive, FRANCE – FMF KTM Factory Racing Team’s Taylor Robert enjoyed yet another impressive day at the 92nd running of the FIM International Six Days Enduro (ISDE) in Brive, France, despite slippery conditions after overnight rain. Maintaining his overall runner-up position, Taylor moved ahead of France’s Christophe Nambotin (KTM) but remains in second position as Spain’s Josep Garcia (KTM) moved into the overall, individual lead.

Just eight seconds from the overall event lead after four demanding days of racing, Robert crashed on the day’s third special test but still managed to top the Enduro 3 class results, finishing ahead of Spain’s Jaume Betriu. With one full day of competition remaining, as well as the final day motocross races, Taylor remains hopeful of claiming a second consecutive overall, individual event win.

Taylor Robert – KTM FIM ISDE 2017 Brive

Taylor Robert: “Today wasn’t my best day. I’m riding the biggest bike there is and when the grass tracks get slippery like they did today, it’s tough. I had a pretty good get off on the day’s third test, and I rolled down a hill. I had to scramble back up, which of course lost me some time. Other than that I had a pretty good day. I watched Nambotin crash in front of me on one of the time controls, which wasn’t nice at all. He went down hard and it looks like he’s hurt his hand pretty badly. I though he and I were going to battle to the end of the event, but now Josep Garcia has stepped things up a notch and rode really well today. I’ve moved ahead of Nambotin, but Garcia has moved ahead of me in the overall. There’s one full day to go, so we’ll see what that brings. I just hope to keep things rolling to the final motocross.”

Kailub Russell enjoyed the best day of the event so far, ending day four feeling much more comfortable on the French special tests. Although still wanting to perform better and finish higher up the competitive Enduro 2 class results, Kailub ended the day in a positive way.

Kailub Russell: “It’s been a mixed day, but it’s ended in a much more positive way for me. The first test was really slick and I was wanting to push, but like it’s been happening all week I just wasn’t able to make it happen. I felt like I rode well but the time just wasn’t there. That’s never a good way to start a day in terms of motivation. The second test was like two steps forward, one step backwards as I gave it everything, felt good, caught the rider ahead of me, but then I stalled it. Test three was one of the slickest tests I’ve ever ridden. Thankfully, I did pretty good on the final few tests. I made some small changes to my set-up and it really helped, but I went down in the final turn. My time was still good. I finally got things together on the final test, so it’s great to finally end a day in a positive way. I’m looking forward to the final full day now. It’s been a strange race for me, but I think I can get things turned around and at least have a good final two days.”

Ryan Sipes maintains fourth in the E1 class where Garcia is leading. As far as the Jr Trophy team is concerned, it remains in fourth, lead by Grant Baylor, who now sits in 13th in the E2. Cody Webb is fourth place in the club C3 class. Ben Kelly is also on the U.S. SRT Club team and he’s running second C1. Ty Tremain is sixth C2, putting SRT solidly in fourth.

On day one of the ISDE Vintage Trophy Geoff Ballard brought his Maico out to play. Geoff is an Aussie who rode on the U.S. team many times.

With the end of the event now in sight the USA’s Women’s World Trophy team maintain their runner-up position to Australia and hold a sizeable advantage of more than 10 minutes over third placed France.

Kacy Martinez: “Day four’s been ok for me. I guess I didn’t know that there would be so many grass tracks in the event, and they take some getting used to. But with another new course it was a good day. I rode pretty strong all day so I’m happy. Knowing that there’s just one full day to go is such a relief as it’s a tough event.”

Brandi Richards: “The day started off really well for me. I think I got second on the first test, which was a great way to start the day. Having a new course and new special tests was good, but some of them were pretty slick in places. I made a few mistakes in the next few tests but picked things up in the final few tests. I felt pretty good in general, so on to tomorrow now.”

Rebecca Sheets: “Day four was good for me. I don’t want to say it was easier, but things went a little smoother than during the previous days. I know what to expect for the final day now as the track is the same as we rode today, so that’s a real boost. It’s been a long, hard week so to have just one full day to go feels good. I got third on one test today, which I was pleased with and the others were ok. I just tried to be consistent.”


  1. Josep Garcia, ESP, E1, 2:25:58.88 (KTM)
  2. Taylor Robert, USA, E3, +8.40 (KTM)
  3. Loic Larrieu, FRA, E2, +20.63 (YAM)
  4. Jeremy Tarroux, FRA, E1, +25.77 (SHE)
  5. Daniel Milner, AUS, E2, +27.46 (KTM)
  6. Davide Guarneri, ITA, E1 +39.72 (HON)
  7. Ryan Sipes, USA, E1, +48.74 (HQV)
  8. Eero Remes, FIN, E1, +56.90 (TM)
  9. Albin Elowson, SWE, E2, +1:10.71 (HQV)
  10. Christophe Nambotin, FRA, E3, 1:14.25 (KTM)
  11. Alex Salvini, ITA, E2,+1:40.16 (BET)
  12. Jaume Betriu, ESP, E3, +1:55.90 (KTM)
  13. Christophe Charlier, FRA, E2, +2:18.12 (HQV)
  14. Nathan Watson, GBR, E2, +2:52.68 (KTM)
  15. Davide Soreca, ITA, E1, +2:56.85 (HON)
  16. Matthew Phillips, AUS, E3, +3:28.85 (SHER)
  17. Daniel Sanders, AUS, E3, +3:31.18 (KTM)
  18. Henric Stigell, FIN, E1, +3:35.05 (HQV)
  19. Kailub Russell, USA, E2, +3:43.79 (KTM)
  20. Matti Seistola, FIN, E3, +3:46.22 (KTM)

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