In the World Trophy class USA would lose ground to Australia putting them down 5:50. Australia’s Daniel Milner would dominate by winning all five tests and extending his Individual overall lead over USA’s Taylor Robert. USA has a comfortable lead over Italy by 3:19 heading into day five, which will consist of two new tests, and one test from today.  The FIM made the announcement today to add ten seconds to each start time to help deal with the dust, the FIM also decided to not run the first test due to the dusty conditions.

USA’s Josh Toth continues to improve, Josh would end up getting two top five overall finishes today. Italy would continue to lead the team standings over USA and France.

Australia’s Woman Trophy team continues to lead the standings over USA and Spain.


Taylor Robert navigates through one of the more technical test. The FIM decided to only run this test once due to the dusty conditions. Copyright Darrin Chapman
Australia’s Josh Strang wheelies across one of the few dust-free sections. Josh continues to put in consistent rides helping the team extend their lead over USA. Copyright Darrin Chapman
Italy’s Giacomo Redondi and teammates sit in third place in the World Trophy standings. Copyright Darrin Chapman
USA’s Becca Sheets charges through the day’s last tests. Day 5 will consist of two new tests and one test from today. Copyright Darrin Chapman
USA team manager Antti Kallonen and Zach Bell discuss lines before test four. Copyright Darrin Chapman


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