Dirt Bike: How did you get selected to race the Paris to Dakar Rally?
Larry Roeseler: KTM Austria and KTM USA came up with the plan to support a USA team. For me, it’s great timing because now that I’m a KTM dealer (LR’s MotoZone) and Scot Harden is heading up as team manager, my name was on his list. I couldn’t be happier to go race Paris to Dakar, because this is my Mt Everest.

DB: Have you been racing much lately?
LR:As of late I really haven’t done much as far as gnarly races. I love riding and the competition factor, and I still enjoy racing local events. Now with Dakar in my sites I’m really motivated to train and ride more. Everything I’ve done has been pretty much endurance related, and I feel the harder the racing and training is the better. At the rally, I?m going to use my head and ride smart but fast! This is the ultimate race for me.

DB: Can you tell us about your racing career concerning where and what you?ve done?
LR: I locally started racing District 37 desert, and I earned the number one plate from 1973, through ?76, and then I started doing bigger events. My first Baja 500 was in 1972 and I won the 125 class, and in 1975 I won the 500 overall. My first ISDE was in 1978 and I?ve gone on to win 13 total medals (10 gold, two silver and one bronze). From 1975 through 1979 I was on Husqvarnas. From 1980 to ?82 I rode for Yamaha, and in ?83 I went back to Husky. Then, in 1987 I started to ride for Kawasaki until last summer when I started up my KTM dealership. Aug. As for my win list, it?s pretty long. To give you an idea, I?ve won National Enduros, National Hare Scrambles, National Hare & Hound, the Virginia City Grand Prix six times, Multi Adelanto GP wins, the Alligator Enduro, 10 Baja 1000 overalls, 9 Baja 500 overalls, Tecate Enduro muti-time winner?the list really keeps going!

DB: What has been your favorite type of racing?
LR: I have always liked the Grand Prix style or GNCC/Hare Scramble events. I like how there are laps around a circuit but I like when the races are long, between four to six hours long.

DB: In all of your experience, what has been the most physically demanding race for you?
LR: A six hour Hare Scramble or GNCC in the mud and trees is very physical, while a 10 or 11 hour race on a bike in Mexico averaging 60 MPH is very mentally hard, as well as physical.

DB: You will be in a kind of team effort racing in Paris to Dakar. What are your thoughts on team racing?
LR: I do like team racing, but I must say a long tough solo race is my ultimate choice.

DB: When was the last time you rode professionally?
LR: I’m really not racing professionally any more, I kind of ended that in the mid 90’s. I really started to get out of the every weekend race-race-race approach. I just picked high profile events and still get out and have some fun.

DB: You?ve ridden for a few different teams over the course of your career. What team has stood out in your mind as being the best?
LR: They all have been really good to me! Of course Team Green really stands out, I?ve had some great years with some really special people. Not only that, but I?ve also had some great results. Even though it’s only been less than a year, KTM has been awesome. Now I have this opportunity to go to Dakar. It should be a wonderful experience working with my friend Scot Harden and just going to the event.And now this opportunity to go to Dakar, And Scot Harden & I have been friends for a long time. So working with him and all of us going to Dakar together is truly a wonderful experience.


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