Interview with Team Suzuki Off-road Manager Mike Webb about signing Nathan Woods.

 DB: Team FMF Suzuki has some big news for the WORCS series for 2008. Tell us about it.

MW: Yes, we are really excited for 2008; we have signed a multi year deal with Nathan Woods with the sole intention of capturing the WORCS championship. We have been working really hard this last couple of months to put this program together and now all the pieces are in place.

DB: That is big news, how did it come together?

MW: Well, Nathan was at the end of his current contract, he and I have always talked through the years and when he expressed interest in Suzuki off road, I immediately went to work to make this a reality.

DB: Was Nathan your first choice?

MW: When I realized we had a shot at him, absolutely, I was wide open trying to make this happen. Other riders were on the list, but the first priority was to get Nathan, if I wasn’t able to make that happen, then I would go to plan B.

DB: Nathan Woods has had great results in the past; he and Kurt Caselli appear to be the favorites for next year.

MW: Nathan with out doubt has proven himself in this arena. He is actually the all time winingest racer in WORCS history. Since 2004 he has captured the championship twice and averages almost 5 wins a season. This past year the championship came down to the wire, if you factor in the fact that he missed a race with a hand injury and had no points for that round and was still able to dominate the last half of the year to close in on the title, it tells you what the guy is made of.

DB: What do you see in Nathan that makes him a player every year?

MW: There are a couple of things. First the guy is gnarly; to be a champion in off road at this level you have to be just plain tough. You have to be able dig really deep, if that means performing when things are on the line, or gutting out an injury, you have to be able to make it happen. Secondly, his mindset is correct, when the WORCS crew builds some super technical EnduroCross section, many riders are immediately defeated. They are psyched out before the gate drops, because they are so worried about the pro only section. Nathan on the other hand looks at completely different, he knows he has great skills and sees the super difficult sections as an advantage. Third, the guy can race in all conditions. This year he won in the wide-open super fast courses and he killed them at the technical, slick Washington rounds, the guy is just a really complete motorcycle racer.

DB: Will Nathan compete in the Endurocross series as well?

MW: Yes he will. He has excellent skills in this form of racing and he has the patience to think through a race. I mean last year in Vegas the race with he and Dowdy was unreal; it went to the last corner. This year he entered one round and actually set the fastest time, but unfortunately went down and injured his hand.

DB: Is this a long-term relationship?

MW: Yes it I, we have agreed to a three year deal with Nathan. We will build our program around him. It’s my job to provide everything he needs to do his job, and that is exactly what I will do. Here is the deal, Nathan knows how to win championships, a lot of great racers never figure that part out, we will test and test and test, I want Suzuki back on top and he is the man to get us there.

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