Nathan Woods has just started testing his new ride for 2008, an RM-Z450. With a little more than a month to prepare for the WORCS opener in January, there are hordes of combinations to evaluate and precious little time to get it done. What sat with Nathan during his a test session at Zaca Station and here is the low down on what they have done and what they will be doing to get ready for the Arizona opener.

The standard off set for the triple clamps on the ’08 RM-Z 450 is 21.5. They have tested stock and are currently testing an RG3 20 off set. The result is quicker cornering and immediate feedback to the racer.

Works Showa fork and shock valved by RG3 are currently being tested. The fork is a monster 51mm full factory Showa and the shock too features a larger shock shaft that lets the high-end racer charge in brutal conditions. RG3 pull rods and links will also be evaluated.

Nathan runs the Carmichael bend Renthal twin wall bar, with Renthal medium grips. This combination is much lower than stock.

Works Connection handles the adjustable clutch lever and will have custom skid plate/ case savers ready soon.

So far Nathan has remained with the standard 13/50 gearing, but runs Renthal sprockets and Regina chain.

They have tested both the FMF titanium Power Bomb and Mega Bomb exhaust, with the FMF 4.1 can and seem to be leaning to the Mega Bomb. The stock fuel injection mapping adjusts for the pipe change saving a mapping soft ware headache.

Right now the new Team graphics have not been finalized and the majority of the testing involves power.

Nathan likes the FMF Mega Bomb exhaust combo. It seems to clean up the bottom power and lets the machine breath. The larger header and the Bomb are the catalysts.

The Works Showa fork is a huge 51mm unit that the Motocross team uses. It’s very stiff (flex wise) and rewards a rider who charges the ugly zones.

Nathan and his new wagon.

According to Nathan the Suzuki feels thinner, corners better and has smart, useable power. He is in search of a bit more juice though.

Team Manager Mike Webb and Nathan make changes during a test day.

Woods, a former motocrosser slams down some hot laps at Zaca Stations superb track.

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