Injury Update – RedBull KTM Rider Quinn Cody

Temecula, CA – RedBull KTM rider Quinn Cody was injured during the 40th annual Baja 1000 ride November 14, 2007. Cody messaged in to KTM earlier this morning to clarify how the injury happened and to give an update on the severity of the injury.

He stated, ‘I was riding at a high speed between 60-80 mph in the fog at 3:00am. I began to slow down as I approached a large crowd of people. Just about that time I saw a large man-made bump about 12-18′ high and very square edge. By the time I saw it all I could do was try and wheelie it. I hit so hard that it kicked me right over the front of the bike. I tried to get away from the bike but when I got up I knew immediately that there was something wrong with my leg. I managed to get the bike to the next pit where Cyril (Despres) was there to take over.’

It has been determined that Cody has a fracture on his tibia at the knee joint but there is no ligament damage at this point. He will go into surgery on Tuesday to put screws in where the bone was displaced. Current recovery time is 6-8 weeks. Cody would like to thank is team and his fans for their support, he and his doctor feel confident that he will be fully recovered before the season starts.

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