Wow. T-shirt weather greeted us on Thursday prior to the annual Dealer Expo show held at the Indianapolis Convention Center. By Friday morning the air got a bit more frigid, though the temperature at the Expo burned to a tasty glow in spite of the thoughts that dwelled on the doom and gloom of the financial escapades that capture our every waking moment. The traffic may have been a shade thinner than past years, but according to the majority of the companies filling the halls the clientele was not only more intense, their focus was more on motorcycles and accordingly, the business was brisk and quite good. Here’s a look at the some of the products and people who jumped out at us during day one of the trade show.

No this isn’t Travis Pastrana and Wayne Newton posing for the paparazzi. It’s actually Parts Unlimited’s Rob Buydos and DB’s Twebb.

Boyesen Engineering’s new Adjustable Leak Jet with a plug-in Hot Start is rumored to make carburetion adjustments much easier on the FCR mixer, but also makes re-starts when you toss it away a much easier proposition.

Moose Racing Hard Parts new footpeg offers a larger footprint for your boot, but it also has a rounded profile for enhanced grip in numerous riding positions.

Utopia goggles has hit the market with some great new product. The frame are totally flexible, the lenses are no fog impregnated on the inside and the triple density foam sucks up sweat besides offering a great face fit.

Ulises Thomas is the Utopia Prez and is quite proud of his dirt bike face gear.

Motion Pro’s new Revolver throttle assembly’s feature adjustable cams that are easy to interchange for dialing in throttle control to suit the conditions. The variable rates make for either quicker response, or in slimy conditions, a longer pull for smoother response.

Hinson’s Gary Jones humors himself with some excellent reading during a brief respite during the show.

DRD’s Doug Dubach either needs a healthy dose of broccoli, or he’s completely pumped up with his line of high-end exhaust systems. We think the latter…

Duane Brown of BBR fame shows off his super sweet 3999-dollar race bike. And yes Martha, we’re talking about a complete (with a motor!) machine. Look for a test in Dirt Bike real soon!

Leatt braces has not only created an entire new market in dirt bike protective gear with their neck brace, they showed off Trey Canard’s #1 2008 Supercross title with a special trophy.

Moose Racing’s newest boot comes fit with stunning looks and a price tag that under 100-dollars!

Motonation’s head honcho Bill Berroth shows off his pride and joy, the new Vemar Bluetooth dirt bike lid and the Sidi Crossfire.

Ogio, the world’s most influence makers of wicked bags, packs, and gear bags brought out their new loading ramp. Everyone on the DB staff salivated over the stepped design, which lets you jerk the bike into position, and then let it, rest while you climb into your truck and then pull it all the way into the vehicle.

Husaberg’s Nick Fahringer poses with his pride and joy, the new fuel injected 450 Berg.

The Acerbis booth showcased their new 3.6 fuel tank, their new stands and a full line of wild new one-piece saddles.

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