The hottest place in the cold month of February is Indianapolis every year.  Despite the piles of slush and show on the ground and piled up along the roads, the motorcycle industry gathers to show its stuff at the Dealernews Expo. Face it, what else is there to do when it’s this cold outside? Here are some of the sights that caught our attention on the first day of the  convention.
Gas Gas was showing off its Yamaha-powered 250F. We previewed this bike a few months ago, but it should be arriving stateside now.
Highland, which was featured in the  March  issue of Dirt Bike, was one of the most crowded booths at the show. The 450 looked cleaner and more production-ready than the version we tested.

Travis Pastrana held court at the Ogio booth. The lines were long!

HFM is a pipe company that’s been a big player in the ATV industry for years. Now they’re calling attention to their motorcycle line. The $300 slip-on pipe is tunable for noise and power. If you have an older HMF, they will take it for a trade-in and knock $100 off the price.
Kenda has grown into a maker of premium tires. The newest model is called the Triple, and was originally designed for the Kenda ArenaCross team. It’s only available in sticky compound.

At the Boyesen Booth Bob Hannah’s GP winning RM250 with the radical Boyesen Link rear suspension brought back memories.

Chafe Zone is an ointment that was designed to prevent blisters. It’s a waxy substance that has been tested by the likes and Rodney Smith and Destry Abbott. They say it works.
Moose has a new under-the-jersey chest protector that is designed to work with neck braces.
Moto Cinch is a product designed to make tie-downs obsolete. They sell for $129 a set. Call (909) 792-0909.

The new Acerbis hand guard has new flow points, with bolt-on wings for enhanced coverage

Pain Zone is a topical analgesic that’s supposed to eliminate arm pump. We plan on taking a bath in it. Contact Dr. Tony Harris at 866-MEDZONE.
Precision is a company that makes the most desired ATV steering dampers on the market. Their bar mount will work on motorcycles, too, with little plastic cushions designed to give you a cushy ride. They sell for $189 a set. Call (209) 365-1850.

Acerbis has entered into the chain guide wars with their new plastic design. They claim incredible durability via the plastic unit.

FMF Racing showed off their ti exhausts and new graphics.

Polisport’s new hand guard design appears very strong and durable via the beefy mounting system.

Wolfman luggage is designed to go on long off-road adventures. They make waterproof packs that specifically bolt on to most dual-sport bikes. Check them out at

The Husqvarna booth showed off a tribute to Steve McQueen and his Husky (courtesy of Tom White)

Some of the helmet technology is a shade…unique.


Magura’s new Jack system features a break away lever.

Scott’s new helmet is said to weight under 2.2 lb.

Zap (wearing non legal company clothing) and the infamous Tom White.

DB’s Tom Webb (donning the legal company bowling shirt) and Malcolm who clearly knows which is the best magazine on the planet.

Malcolm and his daughter were the the highlight of the Husky Press function.

7 foot 4 inch Rik Smits and Tom White.

O’Neal’s Frank Kashare holding court.

Yoshimura’s booth and the Dungey Replica.

Sunstar’s steel sprocket is light, sano and shiney.

Muc Off has a gaggle of killer products designed to make the moto boys life better. This is their goggle prep kit.

UFO’s new helmet is absolutely stunning and is one of the lightest lids we’ve ever picked up.

The Lague Boys and their traveling show putting together vids for companies. Here they’re at the Acerbis booth setting up.

The Moto Works exhaust system is sano, light and looks excellent.

Renthal’s Dave Kiser shows off the new Renthal handguard.

Fly Racing’s new manager is Bob Lowry (formerly of Scott USA). Bob is hugely pumped with the line!

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