PRODUCT: The IMS Core Enduro footpeg is made from 17-4 stainless steel that has been heat-treated and goes through several processes to ensure both strength and durability. It uses a wall design that promotes optimal tooth surface. It comes in either standard or sharp tooth design, and the Core Enduro peg, which we tested, features a wider base. The patented tooth design targets mud relief, and the finish is a Raw Works style. The Core peg is built in the USA and has a lifetime warranty. 

OUR TAKE: We fit the IMS Core Enduro peg onto our KTM 300XC-W mainly because we were looking for a little lower footpeg for our taller riders who need more leg space. IMS offers the Enduro Core peg in standard and one that is 5mm lower and set 5mm back. This may not seem like a huge deal, but for taller riders who feel scrunched on the machine, this helps quite a bit. The Core Peg is burly, we like the sharp tooth design, and the wider platform offsets a little more load to the feet. We’ve been testing them for over three months in tight, usually ugly terrain,and they have been bulletproof. There’s nothing fancy about the IMS Core Enduro peg, but they’re tough, the lower/back design worked perfectly for us and the teeth are sharp for good grip in the gorp.

PRICE: $159      CONTACT: 

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