The dirt bike world is relatively young all things considered, but during its 50 or so years there have numerous ‘iconic’ moments captured on film. From the days of black and white photography where the shooter needed to use a light meter and know their F-stops, to current digital cameras that are complete magic, seizing that one moment in time has provided all of us with ingrained memories. We are going to share with the most Iconic Photos that we believe helped to shape and symbolize the world of dirt bikes.

Danny ‘Magoo’ Chandler, a pin it to win it racer from Northern California set the world on fire with his stunning performance at the 1982 USGP at Carlsbad and then his sweeping moto wins at the Trophee and MX des Nations Des Nations where he dominated on his Factory Honda. At this point in time he was the fastest man on the planet.

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