Ty Renshaw and Jason Ramsey teamed up to win a very soggy HYR Six Hours of Glen Helen Sunday despite hail, mud and controversy. The course itself was completely redesigned the day before the race when an intense rainstorm flooded most of the facility. The Dirt Bike staff, along with Gary Jones, is charged with designing the course every year, and the weather made it a challenge. Both motocross tracks were too flooded to be used, so the entire course was set in the hills surrounding the park, and as it turned out, it was excellent. But rain, hail and even snow continued to fall throughout the day.
      There were three teams with a realistic shot of winning the race; Renshaw’s, Mark Tilley’s (teamed with Justin Jones) and Ty Davis’s (with Ryan Sandoval and Cooper Hall). At first it looked like the Renshaw team would win easily, as Jones crashed hard on the second lap. But Tilley and Jones were consistently the fastest riders on the course, and they got back into the lead by hour four. But in the last hour, things got very confusing. Tilley broke his Honda’s subframe on the far end of the course, and took a road back to the pits. When the bike was repaired, Jones rejoined the course where Tilley had left. But they lost a complete lap. The transponder system still gave Tilley and Jones credit for the lost lap, so they got the checkered flag first, and it wasn’t until Lori Bryant and the Glen Helen crew reviewed the results that this was corrected.
      The biggest class of the day was the Ironman class, with 23 entries. Max Eddy was the man of the day. He led almost every lap, only getting a late-race challenge from Ricky Brabec. When it was all over, Eddy was fourth overall. For complete results, go to

Ty Renshaw was the wet winner.
Mark Tilley looked like he had the race won until his subframe broke.
Max Eddy was the toughest of the Ironmen.

John Fiori ‘s team won the 40+ Novice class.

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