Husqvarna recently presented its 2013 product line at a press launch in Italy. Most of the company’s big players are back. There are still three motor platforms: the 449 group, the 250F group and the two-strokes. The 449 group (for lack of a better name) is based on the BMW-designed motor that we originally saw in the G450. Husqvarna has built that motor into one motocross bike (the TC449), two dual-sport bikes (The TE449 and 511) and one cross-country bike (TXC511). The 250 four-stroke motor is a purely Husqvarna-designed and made product, and is made in two different sizes:  the 250 and the 310. They both will have dual-sport and cross-country configurations. The 250 is also available in motocross trim.  Then there are the WR two-stroke cross-country bikes, in 300, 250 and 125 sizes. The latter of those will again be sold with a parts package that includes a 144cc cylinder and piston.
      The biggest news was the addition of another engine group to the line. Husqvarna will introduce a 650 single-cylinder motor in a full-street configuration as well as in dual-purpose trim.  Husqvarna spokesmen are careful to identify this as a “dual-purpose” bike in the tradition of the Kawasaki KLR650, rather than a dual-sport bike like the TE line. That mean it’s a street bike with some off-road capability. BMW is clearly looking at the adventure bike market with this bike. As a side note, Husqvarna can’t use the term adventure bike because that’s trademarked by KTM.
      The motor in the 650 is based on the one that originally powered the BMW F650 back in 1999. It was originally designed by BMW and built by Rotax, but over the years, production of the engine has shifted to mainland China. That should help to give the new Husky a good MSRP, although that hasn’t been announced yet.
      While we were attending the press launch, we got to ride the 2013 TXC310, which got significant changes. It now has the “red head” that was on the 250F motocross bike last year. That brings more power, and a new Keihin fuel injection system makes it run more cleanly. The TXC250 got the same changes.
      For more info on the new Huskys, check out the September issue of Dirt Bike.
Husqvarna’s new assembly line shows a lot of influance from parent company BMW.


 The 2013 TXC310 gets a new head and a Keihin EFI system
The 250, 310 and two-stroke motors are all made in Italy. 
 The new 650s are tentitively named the Strata and the Terra.
 This is the Nuda; a 900cc naked street bike that Husky makes for the European market.
 A batch of bikes marked for the U.S. market.

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