Husqvarna Racing News catches up with Enduro 2 title contender Pela Renet•

As round three of the FIM Enduro World Championship heads to Greece this weekend Bel-Ray Husqvarna Factory Racing’s Pela Renet is keen to continue his excellent run of form in the series. Currently second overall in the highly competitive Enduro 2 class, the 2012 world champion is looking to secure another race win this weekend.
Fighting hard with close rival Antoine Meo in both Catalunya and Portugal, Renet is confident the dry, dusty tracks of Kalambaka will suit his smooth riding style. Eight points behind Meo in the E2 championship chase, a double victory will help to level the scores and put momentum back on the Husqvarna rider’s side•
Husqvarna Racing News: Pela, you’re currently sitting second in the Enduro 2 championship standings with a race win to your credit. You must be pleased with the way your 2014 Enduro World Championship campaign has started?
Pela: ‘Yes, I’m really happy. I worked hard during the winter and felt good coming into the season, but training is training and racing is very different. I was confident that I could be competitive, and challenge for race wins, so it has been very rewarding to have secured a day win. But I want more. A lot of people were talking about the fight between Antoine Meo and Alex Salvini, but I was really motivated to prove that I’m also in the fight for the E2 title.’
HRN: Last time out in Portugal you looked like you might be on for a double win. You ended up finishing second, what happened?
Pela: ‘On the first day Antoine Meo rode a really strong final lap and took the win. But on day two I made two stupid mistakes in the final motocross test that cost me the win. I had done the hard work, but mistakes are very costly when you’re racing for the win. I was really angry with myself but also pleased with my speed, my bike and my fitness.’
HRN: Does the level of competition in the Enduro 2 category surprise you?
Pela: ‘Yes, a little. Every class is competitive but when you look at the overall results some of the other riders have been quite a long way behind us. I think the fight that we have with Antoine Meo is pushing all of us at the top of the E2 class further ahead.’
HRN: How rewarding is it to know that you’re not just fighting to be at the top of the E2 class, but fighting to be at the top of the event outright?
Pela: ‘I think everyone is enjoying the fight at the top of the E2 class. Antoine is a four-time world champion and an incredible competitor. It’s great when you have to be at your best from the start to the finish of each day. A good overall result is good to have, but I would prefer to have more E2 class wins.’
HRN: You made a fantastic start to the French Enduro Championship recently with a double E2 class win. That must have been a great boost to your confidence?
Pela: ‘Yes, it was great to make a strong start to my national championship. After Portugal I really wanted to keep pushing hard against Antoine, and I managed to beat him there. It’s still very early in the season with a lot of racing still to do.’
HRN: Finally, you’ve walked the special tests for this weekend’s GP of Greece, are you looking forward to the race?
Pela: ‘Yes I am. The weather’s great here and the special tests look really good. Like always the goal is to try and win and take maximum championship points•’
Enduro 2 Championship Standings
1. Meo (KTM) 77 points; 2. Renet (Husqvarna) 69; 3. Aubert (Beta) 58; 4. Salvini (Honda) 58; 5. Santolino (Sherco) 42• 

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