Husqvarna announced more of its 2017 model line today. The dual-sport series has been expanded to include four models. There’s an FE250, an FE350, an FE450 and an FE501. All are completely redesigned for 2017 and all are street legal in all 50 states. As a side note, the “S” suffix has apparently been dropped from the dual-sport models. That’s significant because last year, the FE501 and 350 (without the S) were dirt-only models. Those bikes have been discontinued. From this point forward, all FE models will be street-legal.

Part of that change is due to tightening EPA emission regulations. The distinction between a designated off-road vehicle and a DOT-certified street bike has narrowed to the point that it didn’t make sense to offer two different lines. The closed course competition bikes were announced last month. In addition to the motocross bikes, those include FX (four-stroke) and TX (two-stroke) models designed for off-road racing.

The four FE models have new frames and engines this year, based on the motocross models that were new in 2016. Unlike the MX bikes, the FEs have a provision for mounting a kickstarter, but that isn’t installed in stock form.

Prices have not been announced, but bikes will be arriving in the fall of 2016.

2017 Husqvarna FE250.
2017 Husqvarna FE250.
2017 Husqvarna FE350.
2017 Husqvarna FE501.
2017 Husqvarna FE501.
2017 Husqvarna FE450.

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