Dear Mr. Know-It-All,
I have a 2017 Husqvarna FE350 that has around 1,200 miles on it. Upon the last ride, the bike started losing power and felt as if it were going to seize.
This was at moderate-speed, fairly easy riding. I immediately stopped and shut the bike off. Once it cooled down, I was able to fire it up and limp it back to the truck. But once it got up to operating temp, it felt like it was seizing again. I’m about to tear into this. Any suggestions?

Greg Reid
Via [email protected]

With that low of mileage and moderate trail riding, I would guess that your top end isn’t getting the oil it needs to properly function. Unless your machine has been sucking down wads of dirt or you ran it low on oil, it’s likely your oil pump or oil pump gears have malfunctioned. It’s a common problem with these new, high-revving four-strokes, especially the dual-sport models. They run hot, mainly because they’re mapped super lean to meet the emissions standards. The heat will actually warp the plastic oil pump gears, misaligning their engagement with the clutch basket gear. This misalignment disrupts the oil flow to the top end. Husqvarna has updated the gears on the 2018 and newer models.

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